As a leading interior solutions brand, Rushil Décor is committed to delivering beyond customer expectations. It is equipped with technologically advanced manufacturing hubs and in-house design capabilities.

Our focus is on constantly upgrading and expanding our facilities to ensure that every product we manufacture resonates with Rushil’s signature passion for pushing frontiers, to own the future of both style and function and to enrich contemporary living.

The Rushil product portfolio includes Laminates, Medium Density Fiber Boards (MDF), High-Density Fiber Boards Water Resistant (HDFWR), Pre-laminated Decorative MDF Boards and PVC Boards. Our products reflect our future-ready engineering and design solutions that bring you the perfect fusion of art and technology.

Manufacturing Hubs

Capable of manufacturing multiple product ranges, our manufacturing hubs, spread across Gujarat and Southern India, are strategically located in terms of raw material sourcing & manufacturing. The optimum utilization of resources and reduced overheads give us a competitive edge enabling us to scale up production to cover the growing demands of both the Indian and global markets. As we reach out to the discerning customer with cutting edge solutions flowing from deep insights into emerging tech trends and evolving design aesthetics.

VIR Laminate, our flagship brand, we have three best-in-class manufacturing facilities, based in Gujarat. They are the hubs for a range of laminate sheet designs at competitive price points for the domestic as well as export markets. The quality certificates and compliance of quality systems at all three facilities guarantee the Rushil hallmark of unmatched quality.

Manufacturing Capacity:

Currently, with a manufacturing capacity of 34.9 lac sheets per annum, VIR Laminate is among the leaders in the organized laminate market.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Chikmagalur, in Karnataka, with world class CNC machines ensures uniform quality specifications of our MDF products, while minimizing wastage. A new unit in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh is in the pipeline to enable us to leverage the opportunities created by the increasing demand for this versatile product in India and beyond.

Manufacturing Capacity:

We are the leading manufacturers of MDF, with a manufacturing capacity of 300CBM in Chikmagalur and a projection of an additional 800CBM in Vishakapatnam by 2020.

PVC, the new age 100% eco-friendly product increasingly favoured by architects and interior designers, is manufactured at our ultra-modern in-house manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturing Capacity:

Currently, we manufacture 5760 metric ton of PVC boards.