Welcome to Rushil Decor Limited

Rushil Décor Ltd. is one of the leading company in Laminate and MDF panel boards industry in India with a global foot print in and around 51 countries. Founded in 1993, the company is today the partner of choice for our discerning customers around the world. We are defined by our commitment to excellence and our passion to bring to life designs that meld expertise with art.

We aim to create a strong emotional connection in the hearts of our customers, through design & experiences. We are always conscious of who we are designing for and the total experience we intend to create.

Over the years, we’ve built up our knowledge and product and supply chain expertise to allow us to offer a wide product portfolio of Laminates, MDF Boards, HDFWR (High Density Fiber Water Resistant) Boards, Pre-Laminated Decorative MDF Boards and PVC Boards with a fully supported robust after sales service network under VIR brand.

Our modern inhouse manufacturing facilities are modelled on international technical plants, planned for seamless workflow and ergonomically designed spaces ensuring high productivity. We follow industry best practices and processes that are energy and time efficient, helping us meet environmental standards while maintaining shorter lead times.

Capable of manufacturing multiple product ranges, these facilities make effective utilization of resources and reduction in overheads. Furthermore, strategic location of our facilities gives us a significant competitive cost advantage in terms of raw material sourcing, manufacturing and labour costs. Our facilities enable sufficient output to cover the Indian and Global market demand.